Molly, 21.


A conglomeration of things, including but not limited to: Marvel, Supernatural, Sebastian Stan, Chris Evans, Bucky Barnes, Steve Rogers, Dean Winchester, Castiel, Stucky, Destiel, and the like.

I'm basically female Steve Rogers.

I'm learning how to be a human being again. It's hard.

New things: old crush is back, job, and school

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A Very Potter Mormon


I freaking love you.  All of you.  New and old, I love you all.  Seriously.  I would make you all cookies, but it would cost me a lot of money to send them to you all.  So I hope these cookies suffice.

Actually, you’ll have to suffice with Cookie Monster eating a cookie, because that’s the best gif I could find.  Pretend you’re Cookie Monster and that’s the cookie I made for you.  You get to eat it over and over again and it’s always there.  My love regenerates itself.  Yep.  I’m awesome.  And guess what?


  #TO MY BEAUTIFUL FOLLOWERS    #my followers    #my wonderful followers    #thank you for putting up with my random crap    #and all the bleach feels from recent times    #and korra    #and the avengers    #and sherlock    #and dr who    #and everything    #that i blog about    #especially personal stuff    #and mormon stuff    #even though a lot of you aren't mormons    #so    #thank you for putting up with me    #i hope you know that i love you a lot    #and that i would gladly do anything for you    #i will give advice if necessary    #and i will love you forever if you need it    #i love you forever anyway    #but just in case you need extra love forever    #i'm here for you    #♥    #:)  
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